1 Click Upsell Hack For Paypal Plugin On Clickfunnels



Hi @yassine
Thank you for the quick response. It makes sense that customers would have to approve the transaction on a PayPal page. I was actually asking if it’s possible to make the Up/Downsells behave the same way as Stripe (single approval instead of multiple approvals). If it doesn’t work that way, I can live with it, I just want to make sure my understanding is correct.

Can you give me an example of what you mean by immediate upsell redirection? Are they redirected before or after the purchase of the primary product? Once I enable PayPal V2, how do I enable this automatic redirection?


One question about this setting before I can turn it on:

Will people using paypal in my shopify store then also be automatically redirected to the page URL I enter at Paypal as the return url??? (Instead of the thank you page in shopify ?)

Does this setting in any way affect shopify payments with paypal ? Because I need this to be completely separated from Clickfunnels.


(Samantha Lee) #23

Good question @nextgen,

I don’t think It will affect Shopify in anyway!

That thank you page, is only used “in case” you forgot to have a thank you page or something was broken in your funnel, PayPal uses it as a last resort, it will apply to Shopify too in case it breaks and their TYP couldn’t be shown for any reason.

(louis S Gueye) #24

Today is febuary 14, 2019. I am confused. I went to paypal.com, then log in and clicked on profile.
I do not see any website payment preference link.
Do you need to set my personal paypal as a business account in order for that to work?

(Samantha Lee) #25

Hmm, I believe Personal Accounts don’t have that feature.