Actionetics PayPal email automation

(Misho Filev) #1


I want my customers who purchase through PayPal to get confirmation emails.

I have actionetics and want to integrate that with the product automations.

However, it the lists aren’t showing up:


(Samantha Lee) #2

Actionetics unfortunately has no API :frowning: and they don’t allow us to do that! so it’s not doable that way I’d recommend using Klaviyo or ActiveCampaign for now.

(Misho Filev) #3


are you using SMTP to send the purchase emails from Clickfunnels for your Stripe purchases? And also using Active Campaign for the PayPal emails ?

what’s your exact email setup: which services are you using to deliver both Stripe and PayPal emails?

Is actionetics needed at all?

Thank you!