Address entered in the form does not get transferred to paypal


(Mobiteky Geek) #1

Hi the address in all my funnels does not get transferred to paypal when people buy
can you help me fix this
thank you


(Samantha Lee) #2

Hi @mobiteky_geek,

Address for purchases in CF do not get sent back to PayPal :slight_smile: as for the time being, we are aware of that and trying to figure out best way to get it done :slight_smile:

(Mobiteky Geek) #3

Hi Samantha, thanks for answering
do you have a time frame for when this will be fixed
let me know
thank you

(Samantha Lee) #4

Honestly currently there is no time frame, but we will be adding it to our list anyways… Also whether this gets fixed now or later, regularly there will be far more important updates than this :wink:

For now I’ll add it to our feature requests category and let’s hope we can get it done asap