Best Payment Processing Gateway For Subscription Service


(Tony) #1

I’m building a subscription based service (monthly paid membership area). through Clickfunnels.
What’s the best payment processing gateway I can use? to receive automated monthly payments?


(isoft) #2

You don’t really have many options, either Stripe or Braintree.
those are the only payment processors supported directly by Clickfunnels.

(Alex Amadey) #3

Hands down to Stripe, Braintree as of today, isn’t allowing Clickfunnels transactions and upsells anymore.
So I wouldn’t recommend it, plus they have double fees and their support is rubbish like Paypal itself. so avoid using them.

(Tony) #4

Whooooot :flushed: So Is Braintree doomed or what :confused:

What do you guys think of BlueSnap then? or are there any other alternatives I really don’t like Paypal, as It makes it hard to have upsells. and they really hurt my conversion rates.