Can Funnelish send Webhook Information to Other Services?


(John Berdahl) #1

I have a client using Funnelish and would like to track sales from both Stripe and PayPal for him, but currently I can only do Stripe because the PayPal IPN is rendered obsolete since Funnelish already uses it. I also tried setting up a webhook straight through Clickfunnels and send it to my server and that also only logs Stripe webhooks, is there any way to send IPNs through Funnelish, am I going about this the wrong way or is there literally no way to do this? Thanks

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bumping this for anybody to take a look

(sin) #3

There is an easy way of doing that, simply setting an order tracking Zap in Zapier from within Clickfunnels, Just keep in mind that PayPal sales are tracked per Funnel (in Clickfunnels) so avoid specifying the Funnel step when trying to trigger the zap for PayPal orders… and then trigger any action or submit any form from within Zapier, If you have any integration ideas we are all ears :slight_smile:

(John Berdahl) #4

Yeah I tried this with Zapier and I ran 2 test transactions; one through PayPal and one through Stripe and it only sent the Stripe payment to the webhook, not the PayPal one. Let me know if you need to see any screenshots of how it’s set up in Zapier. Thanks

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Hmm ok in order for the PayPal Zaps to work avoid setting the Step… Meaning track orders Funnel wide, as PayPal orders are not tracked per Funnel (within CF) once you unspecify the funnel step in your Zap trigger it will start firing for PayPal as well :slight_smile:

PS. Specifying the Action Funnel Step is optional in CF Zaps

(John Berdahl) #6

Thanks for the fast reply. This is currently how that part is set up in Zapier:

Let me know if there is anything else we need to check, we originally tried setting it up straight through PayPal but it sent the webhooks back to Funnelish for some reason instead of where we were trying to send it to

(John Berdahl) #7

We also tried setting it up straight through Clickfunnels’ webhooks (without Zapier) and it just sent Stripe payments, also no PayPal payments

(sin) #8

Hmm, does CF track your PayPal Sales correctly?