Can't login to funnelish app

(Emilie Becker) #1

I just purchased the PayPal plugin and never got the confirmation email. The only email I have received is the one for this forum. Every time I try to login to the actually Funnelish app it will not let me and when I try to sign up for an account it just tells me to pay again. Help! I have checked my spam box for the email as well and it is not there.

(Kelly Campbell) #3

Anyone Resolve this? same issue!

(Samantha Lee) #4

Hello @bellaandbear,

It’s not an issue actually, it’s an older post and should’ve been resolved back then, if you have same issue please contact us at [email protected] and provide us with your receipt or email used to purchase and we will guide you through, Sometimes can be there a little delay 5minutes or less to receive the confirmation email but it rarely happens :slight_smile:

Let me know if still having any issues to log into your account and will be happy to assist you further…

(Samantha Lee) #5