CF confirmation email didn't trigger AND product not added in client's profile

(Yann Darwin) #1

Hello there,

I have an issue with this funnel :
I tested it myself. The pluggin works just fine and payment with Paypal is ok, BUT I did not receive the fullfilment email from CF (just the default Paypal email) and the product was not assigned in my client profile (it’s a membership funnel).

I followed the whole procedure

  • Funnel setp up
  • webhook
  • integration

Please, help ! :frowning:

(Yann Darwin) #2

Ok, update :
The CF’s support told me fullfilment emails did not fire cause the paypal links were on an order form and not a sales page…
Duh ?!

Somebody guys do know more about this ?

(sin) #3

Updated you on the Facebook Group :smiley:
And indeed seems like even Paypal buttons (like described by Clickfunnels) are NOT working in your case, so please forward that testing page to CF’s support :slight_smile:

As of the time being there is NO issue with our Apps.

Please update me, if there is any update concerning this issue.