Clickfunnels automation email did not trigger for paypal purchase

(Lynne J) #1

I sold a product to myself through Paypal.
The Automation email did not trigger.
The purchase showed up in Sales but the name is not in Contacts so I don’t have an address to send product. I would have to go into Paypal to get the address, but it may not be the shipping address entered on the order form.
My order tracker in Zapier does not create an entry.

How to correctly setup your Paypal products for the Paypal Plugin?
(sin) #2

Ok first of all I moved your post to a new thread to make sure we split different questions into different threads… for easier access.

As for that issue, I believe it could be that there is an issue with your integration, what email integration did you use?

Also this part caught my attention:

If the purchase is showing in your SALES tab, then to which contact it’s assigned to?!! isn’t that a contact itself!

And can you please share the link to your funnel with me :slight_smile:

hope that helps!