Extra decimal points in Order Total : $27.9999999999998

(Misho Filev) #1

Hey guys, I saw this was addressed in a different post and you guys said it was a bug that was fixed.

However it’s happening on my page:

Please let me know what I can do to fix this!

Thanks :smiley:

(James Harson) #2

ugh :exploding_head:

That bug should’ve been fixed weeks ago. But this is the second time it got reported :confused: please PM me your order form link to use it for debugging hopefully in the next update it will be cleared for once and for all.

(Misho Filev) #3

Hey guys, I’m still waiting on this fix.

Just wanted to remind you! Thanks :slight_smile:

PS. This is the last problem I have with this app (other than not knowing how to fulfill the paypal orders / export them as CSV).

Lol, so we are getting close!!