Fancy Credit Card animation not working

Hi there, seems the animation from Fancy Credit Card isn’t working. It only shows a grey credit card despite I followed the steps provided. Kindly please advised what mistake I made? Also, please find attached screenshot.
Appreciate if you can help us at your earliest convenience.

Thanks much!

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Hi @clint_thomas_bulanda,

Recently Clickfunnels made an update to their Credit Card form (to some funnels) making Fancy Credit Card app useless on them. Fancy CC app was introduced to help validate Credit Card numbers, CVC, and Expiry dates while improving the conversion rate of any given Credit Card form.

Now that part of validation (of all Credit Card fields is taken care of by Stripe) the animation itself wouldn’t work without handling the validation… So The Fancy Credit Card app likely won’t work if you are using Stripe as your Clickfunnels gateway, Though it should work fine for most other gateways.

Hope that helps,

@samlee Thanks for the answer. If I may, most of people within the industry are using Strip as a payment gateway. Could you let us know if Funnelish team is working to fix the issue ?

Thank you very much Samantha.