Fastest way to make money without a list


(sin) #1

Fastest way to make money without a list?

(James Harson) #2

Create a hell of an offer, advertise that offer to people who would buy it. Might build a list while you’re at it.
That’s the cheapest and probably most profitable way to build a list from scratch. otherwise, you’ll have to start investing your hardly earned money into leads a single lead at a time. which is super expensive.

(afree) #3

Stop thinking of a “Fastest” way, there is no such thing. Only hard and consistent work pays off.

(Sam) #4

Armed Robbery would make most sense then :smiley:

(isoft) #5

Depends on what you’re selling… I’m going to assume that you’re selling a service just to make it easier… First thing I would do is make a video ad campaign and run it for 7 days with a decent Budget… In the video include some kind of value that involves your service… Like 3 tips, 5 steps, etc… Keep the video on the shorter side so people watch the majority of it… After that, retarget to people that watched most of the video and send them to a sales page/landing page/ top of your funnel/ whatever it is you’re using… BUT THIS IS ONLY IF YOU HAVE NO ASSETS IN PLACE ALREADY… If you have a following/ an email list/ an audience/past customers then I’d do something totally different.