FB Pixel App and Split testing

(Ognyan) #1

When you create your steps in funnelish you use the live url.
When you run a split test in CF after a while you declare the winner and the other page is deleted.
Well, how does split testing come into all of this?

If I have a page with the url mysite/A.
The first page has a url of mysite/A-version1
The second page has a url of mysite/A-version2

I put the first one as the live url in funnelish and in the variant put the second one.

Now I declare the second one as a winner. The url mysite/A redirects to only mysite/A-version2 now. So basically the main url in the funnelish settings (mysite/A-version1) does not exist now.

How do you deal with that?