Feel stupid but need help asap!

(Kevin) #1

Ok so I am just trying to add my existing funnel from CF into Funnelish. However when I try to I add the existing name and then it says create steps and shows none of the steps I actually have on my funnel. Youtube is a joke for trying to find an answer to this stupidly simple question. All the videos I come across are talking about paypal or putting code somewhere but none of that is on the funnelish dashboard? Am i crazy? did everything update? How do I connect my CF funnels to funnelish? It should be the easiest thing to do yet here I am angry and irritated. Ive been spending countless hours trying to fix things on CF or find things out and its making me regret ever starting with CF. Can someone help me out please bc im losing it!

(Kyle S Yanch) #2