Funnelish - OTO #yes-link-multi Not Working


(Funnel ) #1

Hi I am trying to implement the following:

  1. Trial offer
  2. Subscription Upsell
  3. BOGO Downsell
  4. Order Confirmation

The first one is working, the others are not.

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(sin) #2

Hi @sleephappily, as you sent me in PM

The problem doesn’t seem to affect “subscriptions” but instead your OTOs using #yes-link-multi

Unfortunately, That feature cannot work with Funnelish (at least out of the box check this solution if you needed)… and it’s only used if you have 3+ products or more in each OTO.

Other than that please use the classic method #yes-link-1 and #yes-link-2


As the image shows don’t use that “choose product” option, instead use the other two.

Hope that helps :wink: