Funnelish Paypal Payment to Actionetics


Hi Yassine,

I’ve setup funnelish on ClickFunnels, but all the Paypal orders, even though the funnel seems to work, there are no details about what they purchase in Actionetics.

I’ve tried multiple times and nothing.

The initial fullfilment email is triggered, so the Paypal webhook work fine.

Also the Paypal product in ClickFunnels has an Email integration -> actionetics action which is not triggered.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

(sin) #2

The automation on funnelish with Actionetics is still in beta, and thus can’t be relied on… (especially the actionetics one).

hmm That’s kind of weird! Did you make sure those info didn’t go under the purchase email? because CF will register the purchase under the actual Paypal email used not the optin one!