Funnelish suddenly stopped working

(Anton) #1

Hi! First of all thank you for all answers that I have opportunity to find on this forum:)

Last 2 days I was setting up my funnel, made everything I needed to make Funnelish and Paypal Plugin works for me and my upsells. I think everything was just fine. But 1 hour ago all plugins stopped working. I mean literally all - Fancy Card, Paypal v2, Location. I was trying to check all links and code. All stays in the same place… It is strange.

What I have done before? I was testing if all is working fine and added 1 product for 1 dollar to my order page, to funnelish and to PayPal 3rd party products as well with right Product Id.

And then it is happened. Maybe it is not the reason. But it was the last action. I can send you link in DM. Hope you will answer :slight_smile:

(sin) #2

Hey @atlantadvisors,

Thank you for the heads up :blush:

Indeed an hour ago we made an update, but that was very temporary your apps should work fine now, perhaps you might need to hard refresh, CTRL+F5 in windows, or ALT+reload in MAC… perhaps that will help if it’s related to our update, if it doesn’t please PM us your order form link and let me know to check it :wink: