Funnels from Clickfunnels not showing in Funnelfish

(Onchers) #1

Hi everyone. Sorry for the newbie question but I’ve tried everything that I could think of with no success.

I’m Australian and living in Thailand so none of the payment gateways will let me use them in clickfunnels. So I decided to try funnelfish and Paypal.

Signed up and paid for funnelfish just now but my funnesl from aren’t showing in my funnelfish dash. Also - there is no + Add funnel button showing, as shown in the tutorial video

I’ve tried logging out of both sites and loggig in again - but no success.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

(Onchers) #2

Worked it out. The + button is now on bottom right of screen !

(sin) #3

Hi @onchers1 That’s a really cool name “Funnelfish” :joy::thinking::thinking::thinking::joy:

And yup, the tutorial is a bit outdated in terms of design, but that’s due to the fact that we keep updating and improving on almost a weekly basis… so hard for us to keep up with documenting those changes :wink:

(Onchers) #4

Ok now I can’t stop calling it Funnelfish :joy: