Gift a Course through Clickfunnels

(Pravin) #1

I have created a online course using CF and would like my buyers to also have the option to gift it someone else by entering their name and email id on the order form while making the payment. How can this be done?

(sin) #2

hmm… Can’t they use that person’s email on the email box?
You can have an optin form with an email, and then on the order form ask them for their friend’s email!

That’s the only way I can think of it…

(Pravin) #3

I did that already but again managing the same manually would be various tedious. Is there any third party app or anything on

(sin) #4

not as far as I know!
But you can check our Klaviyo integration plugin, and customize it to push different email box to your Klaviyo mail list :slight_smile: which is very easy to do, and can help with that…

Just install that free plugin, and let us know the link to your order form (where the gift email box exists) and will customize it for you…

In case you are using a different mailing autoresponder it’s going to take you some extra effort to do that…
But if you are happy using Klaviyo, then the linked plugin can be used to do exactly what you wanted.

Hope that helps!