How can you allow customers to choose variant?

I am selling a product from my shopify store that has size variants. How am I able to let the customer choose which size they want? When you go to order page, I only see the one product that I added in clickfunnels -> order page -> products

I have integrated my shopify store with funnelish. I added the product to funnelish and created the variants, which it automatically matches to the ones on shopify.

Do I need to use the clickfunnels integration with shopify as well? As I’ve heard it doesn’t work well.

Also, am I able to allow the customer to choose variant on the Sales page, instead of the Order page? So it automatically is updated when they click the “add to cart” button on sales page, which takes them to the order page, where they fill in their details?


Managed to enable fancify and it shows variants on order page. Although am I able to create a dropdown, instead of just listing them?

edit: did a test order selecting the variant I want, it didn’t process the variant I wanted. It was the first variant on the list, the lowest size.

My other question is how am I able to allow the customers to choose the variant on the sales page? Then their choice is automatically updated on order page?