How Clickfunnels changed your business?


(James Harson) #1

Just wondering how Clickfunnels changed everyone’s business in here? and probably everyone’s life as well :slight_smile:

(Jonathan Jr) #2

It’s easy and fast to test new funnels, new products, new services…Etc :slight_smile:

(sin) #3

I remember that I was struggling at sticking to any specific niche or business model, before Clickfunnels.

I tried Dropshipping, Selling services, Amazon, Ebay and Selling Affiliate stuff I find at Clickbank. But after long trial and error without any success, I came across DotCom Secrets Free Book 8 Months ago, and never actually got the chance to finish it yet. as afterward I joined Clickfunnels group and I was so excited to get similar results as everyone was sharing on the group.

For the last 7 months been trying different business models, tricks and everything I could do with Clickfunnels, and I was really amazed at how dynamic and versatile it was. I started selling different services through Clickfunnels sales funnels, and selling physical products (dropshipping), and even building funnels to other clients. Finally couple months ago after tons and tons of trial and error, I’ve managed to build my ONE funnel. The 1 million dollar funnel :smiley:

As Russell Brunson says: “You are only one funnel away”.

So never give up, [Clickfunnels]( is so versatile and the only limit it knows is the limit of your imagination, don't be afraid to try it out.

(isoft) #4

I’ve been using many land page builders during the last couple years, and really once I got into Clickfunnels. I thought this is just another Landing page builder. So I just ignored it for a while, once I joined ClickFunnels group on Facebook, and started seeing all the results everyone is making I started wondering how.

Joined ClickFunnels Funnel Hacks program, which offers Clickfunnels at a discounted price + free training on how to use it best.

Started practicing, and consuming as much info as I could find. Tried many different business models, before finally sticking to doing Ads as an agency to other local businesses. And now I’m doing nice figures on a monthly basis. Thanks to Clickfunnels.

So Yeah Clickfunnels helped me a lot :stuck_out_tongue:
Hope you be next :wink: