How to correctly setup your Paypal products for the Paypal Plugin?


(sin) #23

It’s totally fine that’s a good question :smiley:

So the URL to be placed in CF is exactly the one you see in there under “Webhook Url” I know it might look faded, but it’s selectable.

And as for the Amount, or the price you put in CF side it DOES NOT matter AT ALL. It’s only seen by you if you need to.

I personally prefer to name the product names on CF differently, using some name that my suppliers will be familiar with, example:

If my product is “Awesome Pen” then I use something like “pen <reference-id> - PP” formatted like this:

"{name of the product} {reference id for the supplier} - {PP so I know this transaction was made through Paypal not stripe -it helps with refunds…etc- }

But that is only something I do “for productivity reasons”, You are free to name your CF products anything you want (It won’t be seen by your customers at all).

We have some videos/content coming soon to help you with the setup and to understand the app much easier.

Feel free to post any questions you might have. (If your questions/articles aren’t related to the current thread you may start a separate thread).

Hope that helps!

(Peter) #24

Thank so much! I must be completely blind to have not even seed the faded URL!

Two more questions though:

1) Do I need to add each of my products into the 3rd party app section? Above in your guide you mention only having to do it once. But I have multiple products throughout my funnel as you can see below. I am just not sure where would I throw in the webhook URLs if I had to add in all the products.

My funnel goes like this:
Order Form [x1, x3, x6, x8 quantity options] , Order Bump > OTO1 > OTO2 > OTO3[$1 15-day trial leading 19.99 continutity] > OTO4 > OTO5 > Thank You Page

2) My OTO3 $1 15-day trial leading to 19.99 continuity. Is this configured correctly?

Thank you so much for your quick replies!!!

(sin) #25

Ok so the “Webhook Url” Is the same for ALL products within the SAME funnel. thus you only need to add it once at funnel level, and voila.

For your setup above, it looks reversed :confused:

So the first row under “Is A Subscription?” Is the actual subscription amount, it should be:
Billing Amount: 19.99
Billing Cycle: 1
Cycle Type: month(s)

And under “Has A Trial Period?”, it should be:
Billing Amount: 1
Billing Cycle: 15
Cycle Type: day(s)

(Peter) #26

Great thanks! So I have it all setup for testing now. However when I select the paypal payment option and place my order, the order button is stuck on processing.

I verified that my links and funnels steps are all correct. Anywhere else I need to look?

(Peter) #27

I can see at the end of my url “#do-nothing” displays after placing order

(sin) #28

99% Of the times that means you’ve given the app the wrong URL of your Funnel step on the app :slight_smile:

Please Note, the URL that you MUST provide the app as a Funnel Step URL, is not the URL seen by “you” on your clickfunnels account, but rather it MUST be the URL seen by you/your visitors when visiting the page on their browser :slight_smile:

###It should NOT be this one:

###It MUST be this one:

Hope that helps!

(Peter) #29

Thanks that’s what is was!

So is there a way to automatically send somebody to the next OTO pages after they make a purchase? Or do they continually have to click “return to merchant” on paypal after they make any order? I feel like having customers do all these steps will lower conversions. I was hoping that the funnel flow would be seamless and charge the customers card without them constantly having to go back into paypal. Just as a stripe transaction would do.

Also I noticed that the product list on the confirmation page does not update with the purchased items. Is there a fix for that?


(sin) #30

Ok concerning the first issue there is a solution to that :slight_smile: check this article :

As for the second issue

Unfortunately Clickfunnels doesn’t show them FOR SOME AWKWARD REASON! :rage:
But If they don’t get that fixed on a timely manner we have plans to build a hack for that too, In the meanwhile use non-dynamic thank you pages.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

(Peter) #31

Thanks! So the auto-return seemed to have worked. However once it sent me back to OTO1 and I clicked to purchase this happened:

And it stuck itself of processing once again

(sin) #32

But that is an Order Form, Not an OTO Form!

The OTO forms have button/links with a link like “#link-yes-1”, “#link-yes-2”…Etc

(Peter) #33

Yes and once I click the “yes button” to take the OTO1 this shows:

(sin) #34

Have you tried taking the front end offer before trying to take the OTO?

I mean there is no way the app could guess whether you want to use Paypal or Credit Card :smiley: The one you pick on the order form is the one you get charged for in all subsequent steps.

(Peter) #35

Yeah I take one of the options on the initial order form, pay through paypal, get auto-returned to OTO1. And when I click yes to take OTO1 that is the error I get

(Peter) #36

I just tested again and that pop-up happens on all the OTO pages in my funnel when I click “yes button”. The “no-button” works perfectly.

(sin) #37

That is so awkward then! Can you please share the link to the OTO and the Order Form with me…

You can message me the links if want to keep them private :slight_smile:

I haven’t seen a case like this before, so need to investigate and see what’s wrong!

(Peter) #38

Just messaged you over the links! Thank you!


I have the same problem

(sin) #40

@pruspeter @VictorC That issue has been solved and rolled out a little update for it :slight_smile:

If it’s not working for you yet, then please do a hard refresh (CTRL+F5), if the problem still exists or encountered another issue/bug then please Write a separate post about it on the #plugins:issues category.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

(Antoine Morales) #41
  1. Hello, a small question about paypal recuring payment!
    For this to work, do I need to have a paypal account that autorise the creation of suscription type paypal buton? (I know we don’t need to create any button with your plugin, but still…)
    Because in Germany, it’s not possible to set up recurring payment/ suscription on paypal button.
    If I configure a recurring payment on your app, will this still work?

  2. When do you plan to add the ability to translate the form on this new app, like on the old one?


(sin) #42

Ok let me answer those in reverse order to get the easiest one out of the way first :smiley:

YES! It has been rolled out last night, and now you can access the translator within your app (under Tools) :stuck_out_tongue:

For that case, I honestly have no clue! never tested it out, so far it seems working really well, in France, UK, US and even Morocco! but have no clue about Germany.
Though I think any limitation on your account with Paypal, should ask Paypal to lift that limitation for you.
The new plugin though is not using the Buttons technique, though it’s similar concept which still works the same through Paypal.

Hope that helps!