How to correctly setup your Paypal products for the Paypal Plugin?


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I understand! Thanks for the prompt response :slight_smile:

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WTF … it’s suppose to be #yes-link & #yes-link-2 … if it’s the tags above it’s no reason why your app doesn’t work properly

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@FunnelMagazine hmm… what are we talking about again? I think your answer/post is posted on the wrong thread or something! what’s the exact question so I can help!

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this was a response to something posted above… forums are so unorganized…

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Ooh ok :slight_smile: you’ll get used to it :wink: generally the OTOs have been tested extensivly and ALWAYS open to any findings :slight_smile:

As for your current issue with the OTO, I’ve replied… generally my guess since as you said the funnel is live, in case it was an old funnel or cloned from an old one (made using the older CF builder)… then just try creating a new “test” step and check it out :slight_smile:

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you posted #link-yes-1 & #link-yes-2 … this will never work … you need to use #yes-link & #yes-link-2

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Ooh I got it now :slight_smile: thanks for your contribution I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Generally our Paypal App will accept both notations, both #yes-link and #yes-link-1 are equivalent and as of the last time I checked, and both should be working fine for the app.



Hey man - embarassingly I can’t work out how to PM you. Can you PM me and I’ll reply? It’s an issue with OTO that has been discussed before but I can’t for the life of me work out how to resolve it. Sorry to be difficult!

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any news on this issue?

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Yes @Manuel_Krapf,

The app supports that and it works fine :slight_smile:


Hey there.

Will this track correctly when using multi quantity? If the customer chooses 2 products + the order bump?

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Good question! Funnelish will track them correctly but not sure about Clickfunnels, since we don’t even bother these days doing all the tracking voodoo stuff, it’s simply to much to do at once… we just send our automation’s from Funnelish itself… but really would love to see what you encounter trying that out!

With tracking from Clickfunnels for multi quantity, i think it’s going to be tricky! but since it’s a new feature it needs more battlefield testing…

Our best bet at the time, is getting orders exporting, and management from within Funnelish thus you won’t even bother doing all the mumbo jumbo from Clickfunnels to Funnelish! as it doesn’t really make much sense either, the only reason one would do that is to simply see sales in Clickfunnels! and now since Funnelish does that without any complexities and with much more smoothness & cuteness hhh, it doesn’t make sense having to go that rout except when having to do some extra craziness like integrating with some integrations we don’t have yet or sort of things…Though we are always eager to hear about new integration requests.


Okay cool.

I am integrating through Zapier to Campaign Monitor and Upviral.

But I think I will just screw the CF stats.

Are all the data still added on the user? Like order bump = true so I can pull this stuff from Zapier?

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Ok so if you are using the app discussed on this page (PayPal Plugin older version).

Order bumps should work just fine, it doesn’t track them by saying “Order bump = true” but rather it adds the whole product to their entry on Clickfunnels.

If person X buys “1 x Tshirt Blue Fish” + the order bump which is (Matching Bracelet), then it will show as one product like this “1 x Tshirt Blue Fish, Matching Bracelet”.

Pro Tip:
The names used in Clickfunnels 3rd Party tracking are only used for tracking, ie. only seen by you. Thus I usually change them to something more productive, and easier to send to my suppliers. So the example can be changed to something that both you and your suppliers understand like this:

"3 x Tshirt" + “1 x Bracelet” becomes ==> "3 x Tshirt, 1 x Bracelet"


I am using paypal v2 - what does that change?

Is there anyway I can register that the customer bought the order bump through zapier? I am adding a custom field in campaign monitor on what the user bought so that I can deliver that in an email to them - or sell it to them if they haven’t bought it yet

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I’m trying to add a 3rd party membership access product, but the ‘create product’ button won’t submit. I’ve tried it multiple times and it’s getting very frustrating… please assist

Thank you

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is there any support ? or live chat ? it looks too messed up with 20 tutorials overall , which one is correct???