How To Create PayPal Gateway For PayPal App v2?

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Creating a PayPal gateway can be a daunting process, so in this short tutorial I’ll take you through the steps on how you can create one.

When using PayPal App v2, one must create a gateway first before attempting to make a purchase through it, as opposed to the classic PayPal plugin, which was used to require an email and a currency.

So let’s get to it.

In PayPal & Funnelish there are mainly two types of gateways that one can create Sandbox ones (used for testing purposes), and Live gateways which are used to make real transactions.

Sandbox PayPal Gateway

In order to make a sandbox gateway for PayPal, one must create two sandbox accounts (within PayPal) one being the fake business account (the seller/merchant), and a fake personal account (the buyer/customer).

To create a personal sandbox account:

  1. Log in to the developer site sandbox accounts page.
  2. Click Create Account.
  3. Set the Account Type to Personal.
  4. Enter an email address. This address can be a fake email address.
  5. Enter the account password.
  6. Under Payment Methods, enter the test buyer’s PayPal account balance.
  7. To test credit card transactions, enter a test credit card number.
  8. Click Create Account.

To create an additional business sandbox account:

  1. Log in to the developer site sandbox accounts page.
  2. Click Create Account.
  3. Set the Account Type to Business.
  4. Enter an email address. This can be a fake email address.
  5. Enter an account password.
  6. Under Payment Methods, enter the test merchant’s PayPal account balance.
  7. Click Create Account.

That’s it, now you have two sandbox accounts for making unlimited test purchases without having to alter your funnels or products.

To use those sandbox accounts:

  1. Under your Funnelish Funnel > Settings > Apps.
  2. Click/Open PayPal App v2.
  3. Open Your PayPal Gateway dropdown
  4. Select your existing PayPal gateway in case you’ve got one already or click “Create New PayPal Gateway” to create a new one.
  5. Now if you are creating a new gateway you’ll need to input the following properties:
    • GATEWAY NAME: This can be anything you want, as long as it helps you remember which gateway it is, use a unique name.
    • BRAND NAME: This will be shown to your customers in the PayPal login/checkout pages… It’s a great idea to have a separate name for each business (if not even for each funnel).
    • HEADER IMAGE URL & LOGO IMAGE URL: These two are optional, can be used to show a special logo in the PayPal Pages instead of a text brand name.
    • TEST MODE: image For sandbox accounts this must be switched on.
    • USERNAME, PASSWORD & SIGNATURE: These are your PayPal Business account gateway credentials, you can get them by following these steps:
      1. Login to your sandbox accounts portal.
      2. You’ll be able to see something like this:
        Two accounts, one being the business account, and a personal one.
      3. Click profile under the business account.
      4. That should bring a popup that looks something like this:
      5. Copy those values into their appropriate boxes.
      6. Hit Create Gateway, and now you’ve got a PayPal sandbox gateway created which can be reused throughout your entire account.

        Keep in mind your credentials above should NOT be shared publicly.

  6. Now select your gateway (either newly created or an existing one).
  7. Save Changes.

Now in order to make purchases through your funnel, you’ll need to use the personal sandbox account associated with the business one you’ve selected/created above… and that’s really it for that.

Live PayPal Gateway

In order to create a live PayPal gateway you’ll need same credentials as above but from the actual recipient account, in order to do that follow these steps:

  1. Login to your PayPal account.
  2. Go under Your payment API credentials.
  3. You’ll see something like below:
  4. After clicking “Show” on each field use those values to create a new PayPal Gateway in Funnelish.
  5. Save your changes and start rolling.


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(Strife) #2

I was unable to get the webhook working for Paypal App v2. The orders are not showing up in my clickfunnel account. Is this a known issue? I know that the stats is a bug on clickfunnel part but the sales are not showing. The Paypal App v1 is working normally though. Thank you!

(Samantha Lee) #3

Yes! That’s a known “FACT” more than an issue hhh :smiley: @Strife

As the problem our team faced was that Clickfunnels doesn’t support cart mode for PayPal (aka Multi checkout, or Multi Quantities) even the order bump itself was a nightmare to get it to work with Clickfunnels.

Thus even if managed to get your orders tracked by Clickfunnels I don’t think there will be a way to “force” Clickfunnels to record multiple sales for each sale (it’s just nonsense)…

Though, we are committed to improve the way orders are tracked from within Funnelish itself, and improving the automations a lot, thus not having to do any tracking plumbing for your funnel, tbh it’s too much to do the tracking back and forth between Clickfunnels and Funnelish, so our goal is to not have to do that like AT ALL in the foreseen future.

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(Strife) #5

Thats great! Would it be possible to have some sort of way to export the orders? Going through the orders 1 by 1 in funnelish is abit too tedious at the moment. Thank you!

(sin) #6

Just amazing @Strife, We will absolutely do that :wink:

Just wait for it :wink:

Thanks for the headsup.

(Strife) #7

No problem! Thank you for this amazing app!

(Strife) #8

Would the export be ready anytime soon? I think this feature is really crucial as orders through Paypal App v2 is giving alot of hassle for us to go through them 1 by 1

Thank you!

(sin) #9

Hey @Strife, there is an update coming this weekend with an export feature to CSV.

You can read more about that here:

We’ll update that thread as we have more updates :wink: