How to disable an order form once a threshold is reached in clickfunnels?


(Sam) #1

How can I turn disable an order form within my page, once a threshold is reached? lets say as soon as 100 sales are made I want to turn disable the order form, and make it impossible for anyone else to buy.

(sin) #2

I don’t believe ClickFunnels has that feature yet, for the time being you’ll have to do some Javascript coding to go around that.

(Jonathan Jr) #3
  1. Add a code at the page load, whenever the page is loaded and the threshold is crossed it should disable the order forms parent div element.
  2. Add a Javascript "<script> </script>" block to your page code, To track whenever the “Purchase” button is clicked.
  3. Send that data to an external API, or website or DB you build on your own.
  4. Whenever the threshold is reached, the step #1 code should be triggered.

That’s just the way I would do it.

(sin) #4

I would add to what @Jonathan_Jr wrote, that you can probably use Zapier to sync the API calls to your back end that way is more accurate and secure than sending API calls from your Javascript back end code. Which will make your back end DB or website vulnerable.

(James Harson) #5

Without a custom built API access, you won’t be able to do that within Clickfunnels at the moment.
You’ll have to implement a Javascript code that tracks sales as are coming in, through your funnel (that being the easiest option). Or a more secure option would be developing a PHP, Node.Js or server solution at your end and connect it to your funnels event hook, allowing you to receive events as they take place through your funnel. Whenever a sale is reported all you do on your server side is increment the number of sales. And on the funnel side implement a Javascript code that is pulling down the number of sales from the server side on each page load. once the number of sales crosses your threshold, just hide the purchase panel and show a message.