How To Easily Add Product Variants To Your Clickfunnels 2-Step Order Form?


(Samantha Lee) #21


Either by using the free code above, or since you are a funnelish user already just use our own Fancify app and add variants from your product settings, It’s way easier, smoother, and much much COOLER :smiling_imp: hhh


Cool! Does that work for OTO page too ?

(sin) #23

You don’t need it in OTOs @Sylvio :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean if you have variants in OTO, you just use a drop-down select box.

But as always I’m intrigued to hear if you got any idea on how to do it for OTOs through our apps :smiley:

(Samantha Lee) #24

As @yassine said, I don’t think there is a need for Variants in OTOs!
Especially that variants are stored per profile basis, and storing Variants from OTOs to the same profile means; might end up overriding the existing variant info from order bumps and previous steps… perhaps storing them on a per page/step basis might help overcome that


:joy: It is a newbie question! :joy:
Thank you for your answer.


Hi. I followed the exact steps and turned on fancify and v2 and followed the guidelines to create variants but nothing shows up on my clickfunnel pages. I have no idea what’s wrong :frowning:

(sin) #27

That mostly means your step URL is wrong @jinsungchoi!

PM me the link to your order form and will check it for you.


Hey thank you @yassine. I just figured out I didn’t turn on fancify and v2 for my actual funnel. When I turned those on, paypal showed up fine but I’m still not seeing variants that I set up for my funnel page. In fact, turning fancify on did this weird thing where it’s showing a total price for all of the different items on the page. Is there any way to private message on this forum?

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Yeah there is a way PM me or @yassine or all combined in one chat, click our name:

then click “Message” (blue button).


Hi @samlee. I don’t see any option to message.


Hi all.
Can’t find the “Product Color” field to match up in zapier so that I can see this field populated in google sheets.

Please help.

(sin) #32

hmm… I don’t know if Clickfunnels pushes custom fields to Zapier or not!

Generally those variant fields are just like any ordinary custom field… see first if it’s registered under your customer’s profile (in Clickfunnels).

(Nikolay Saev) #33

It does push them to Zapier as long as you have used a recent purchase that has those custom fields in the profile as an example when setting up that Zap.


Ok. thanks! I need to set it up form the beginning then.

(Nikolay Saev) #35

Do a test payment with the variants then use that as an example in Zapier and you are good to go :slight_smile:

(Kingsford Amoako) #36

I have followed the above and setup my product variants in funnelish but they are not reflecting in clickfunnels. I have fancify app enabled.

(Samantha Lee) #37

Hey @kobbyebo1,

hmm… Can you please share screenshots and Links to your order form or pages concerned, and explain the issue in a bit more detail to know how to help you :slight_smile:

Generally speaking, once you enabled Fancify and Add your variants (using our own Funnelish variants instead of using the code plugin above you are already set to go :wink: )

(Kingsford Amoako) #38

please see below the link to the order page and also the snap shot of funnelish… I have set the order form up with both paypal v2 and fancify… paypal layout looks okay, but I am not seeing the product variants from fancify.

(Samantha Lee) #39

Hey @kobbyebo1,

I believe you forgot to enable “Fancify”, the Fancify app must be enabled in both your account under /Apps and in your funnel under “Your Funnel” > Settings > Apps.

Let me know how that goes

(Kingsford Amoako) #40

Thank you. This resolved my problem…