How To Easily Add Product Variants To Your Clickfunnels 2-Step Order Form?



I’m new to Clickfunnels and am just wondering if it is possible to do this with product variants but to also change the price depending on which variant is selected
eg Small = $5 | Large = $10 | X-Large = $20

Many thanks in advance!

(Samantha Lee) #42

Interesting Idea, but unfortunately not easy to do, even if we make it happen in Funnelish with PayPal, in Clickfunnels with Stripe you will have to add endless products with endless options and variants, which is not practical for a funnel…

The easiest thing to do is pick a good price, and optimize your prices you do not need many confusing prices that make it worse for your customers :wink:

And in Clickfunnels, different prices mean different products, if you insist on adding different prices then your best bit is adding them as different products: Tshirt Small = $5, Tshirt Large = $10, Tshirt X-Large = $20 and then use other options that do not affect price as variants, such as color or design…etc

Hope that helps :slight_smile: