How To Improve e-Commerce Businesses With Email?


(Sam) #1

How to improve ecommerce businesses with email?

(isoft) #2

Get a Clickfunnels Account, and build sales funnel around your main product, that way lets say with your current model you are making 10$/customer. With Clickfunnels you’ll be able to get that Cart Value up and start getting 50-100$/customer.

That way you’ll be able to increase your ROI (10x) without having to invest more into traffic or Ads.

And then Affiliate partner with others to boost your income.

After they bought your first product, send them some follow-up emails by selling your partners’ product and receive a commission in between.

(Tony) #3

Develop more products that are not commodities, Digital products, and start selling them through Clickfunnels as @isoft mentioned.

And add as many Upsells as you can.

(Alex Amadey) #4

Well it’s obvious, everyone who buys an item from you start sending them emails to buy another item from you. either something that you own (physical product) or someone’s else product.