How to Setup Paypal for Multiple Product Purchase?

(Leonid) #1

Hi Yassine is this possible?

I use CFPro to enable multiple product selections, but when I proceed to Paypal payment, it will only
select one product plus the order bump.

 Ex:  Customer selects Product 1 & 3 + OB:

            (/)   Product 1    $7
                  Product 2    $7
            (/)   Product 3    $7

            (/)  Order Bump $27
                          Total: $41

   But when I proceed to Paypal Payment, it will only show $7 + $27 = $34

   Any advice on how to work around it?


(sin) #2

can you PM me your page link, to know what you are exactly using…
And mainly we are trying our best to avoid using 3rd party codes as we can :confused: