How to speed up loading time of my Clickfunnels landing page?


(anonymous) #1

My Clickfunnels landing page is loading super slow, especially on mobile phones… I have few images on the page alongside some pure content, what should I do to speed-up the loading speed of this landing page?

(VuxH) #2
  1. Add “async” to external javascript files

  2. Use Photoshop “Save For Web” functionality or some similar tool… to reduce the size of your pics 2mb is still a lot… your entire page should be around that max if not less.

  3. Use fewer redirects, and stop using link shorteners (that’s an extra redirect). if you r using CF. then don’t use the funnel URL it takes a long time to redirect from a funnel URL into the first step’s, instead use the step’s URL directly.

  4. Remove as much content as u can from above the fold area, keep only the important stuff.

  5. Don’t use too many fonts on a single page!

  6. Check your page using Pingdom or a similar tool to see which resource is taking the most time to load and see if u can get rid of it.

That’s it.