How to turn off Stripe at PayPal V2

(Huu) #1

Hi there,

Is there any way to turn off stripe within an funnel by using PayPal V2, I want to offer PayPal only.


(Samantha Lee) #2

Really good point we didn’t offer that option at all yet, we should definitely get it out asap,

I will update this thread once it’s out there…

(Huu) #3

Thx Samantha,

Any idea, when will you guys update of PayPal V2.


(sin) #4

Good point @Huu, We will add that to our TODO list immediately, hopefully within a week time frame it can be rolled out, just remind us by bringing this topic upfront in case we forget about it or we get occupied with other work…

(Huu) #5

Hi guys,

Have you added this feature to PayPal V2???

(Samantha Lee) #6

Hi @Huu,

Yes this feature has been rolled out along some changes to our dashboard yesterday :slight_smile:

Feel free to open new feature requests :slight_smile: