How To Use Facebook Pixel App With Clickfunnels?


(Samantha Lee) #1

In this short tutorial, I’ll be going through the easy steps on how to setup/configure the Funnelish app “Facebook Pixel” with your Clickfunnels’ funnels.

First of all a short introduction on what to expect from this Facebook Pixel app. It has been built mainly with two goals in mind:

  1. More accurate events tracking through your entire Clickfunnels funnel
    With Facebook Ads, it has been always a nightmare getting accurate events tracking, and it’s even worse with bot traffic. For that this app makes sure to eliminate as much bot traffic as possible without sacrificing real users data… by lazy loading your pixel, thus it’s IMPOSSIBLE for a short 2-3s bot session to hit your pixel at all… keeping your pixel data accurate and your LLAs cleaner…
    Can you imagine trying to scale up with LLAs full of fake bot data! it’s simply impossible and nearly always your ROAS and CPP (Cost Per Purchase) will be awful.
    The Facebook Pixel app, makes sure that all your events get fired at the appropriate time, with accurate values, without fluctuations… It’s almost impossible to get a Purchase or Add To Cart events fired twice with this app…

  2. Ease of use
    Well, it’s as easy as turning this switch on: (on your account of course!), and then inputting your Facebook Pixel ID.

You can have an account-wide pixel ID, which can be (optionally) replaced on each Funnel app settings.


The Facebook Pixel App uses the same concept as other funnelish apps, you can easily set it up following these steps:

  1. Find the app under the /Apps tab on your account.

  2. Click “settings” button which will bring a side panel like this:

  3. Turn the switch on (if it’s off) and Past your Facebook Pixel ID in the box.

  4. Hit save changes.


You may setup a different Facebook Pixel for each funnel if you need it, by following these steps:

  1. Open your Funnel (on Funnelish of course).

  2. Go under Settings > Apps.

  3. Find the App “Facebook Pixel” and click it.

  4. That will open a side panel with settings similar to above, which allows you to replace the account-wide pixel ID.

PS. Each app must be enabled it in both your account (under /Apps), and on your funnel (under Settings > Apps).
Same concept applies to all Funnelish Apps.

That’s really it.

Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial, you may leave your feedback, suggestions below :slight_smile:

Facebook Pixel Conversion Tracking - Anybody know?
(J Keitsu) #2

Okay so first off this sounds AMAZING considering tracking FB events in clickfunnels is a nightmare especially when it comes to OTO’s.

So let me get this straight…

As long as we have our funnel head code installed in the funnel we want to track…

It will work?

Safe to say to remove all other pixel tracking code?

(sin) #3


That’s the whole point @keitsu Removing the complexity, in fact removing the code pixel from your header, will speeden your page, improve the quality of pixel fires and a lot more…

and course you can use the Facebook Pixel Helper to make sure that your events are tracked correctly, and you can test by making a purchase, content view, optin…etc…etc and check that chrome plugin every time to see whether it worked or not.

That app was extensively tested in battlefield, so It’s proven to improve the quality of our events tracking.