How To Use Facebook Pixel App With Clickfunnels?


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Hey @samlee I hope you’re well.

Please find below what I did into one of my Clickfunnel funnel (Sales Pages > Order form > Thank you page:

  • I added the whole Pixel code into the header of my Sales page ;
  • I added the whole Pixel code + ‘AddToCart’ tracking code line into the header of my Order form ;
  • I added the whole Pixel code + ‘Purchase’ tracking code line into the header of my Thank your page ;
  • Of course, I didn’t add any Facebook pixel code into the main settings of my funnel (because the codes are into every single page).

I just activated the Facebook app from Funnelish.

My questions are:
1- Does the app work for all my funnels from Clickfunnels? ;
2- Do I need to delete all my codes in my Clickfunnels’ pages? ;
3- Can you confirm me that it’s tracking also (i) the price (in euros) and (ii) the difference between the total price from an order without any order bump (so basically the price of my main product) and the total price from an order including an order bump (so the prices of the main product + the bump) ;
4- And finally, if I’m using the Funnelish Facebook app, do I need to create the customised conversions normally? I mean for example for my sales page:

Cheers ! :slight_smile:

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Ok so first of all, you should NOT do ANY of that at all… In fact you should remove all pixel codes from your whole funnel to avoid duplicate values…

ALL you have to do is, enable the Facebook Pixel app, and input your Pixel, “Nothing Else” :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, It will, But you should add them to Funnelish first, and each with the steps/pages you want to use our Apps on, Funnelish only sees the steps it’s loaded on.

Facebook Codes YES, others not necessarily.

Yes, it tracks everything including the order bump, and also tracks currency, it will use the currency you have in your Funnel > Settings > Payment Settings in Funnelish.
For Tracking, you can confirm by installing the Facebook Pixel Helper and see if it fires the right events if you notice some problem you can let us know to fix it or help you out.

No Really, Unless you need custom conversion events for something else it’s up to you, but our app needs NO custom events created, and in fact, it does not use any custom events at all.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

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Hi @samlee and thank you for your quick answer !

Regarding my fourth question, I was talking of customised conversions in Facebook to use it for retargeting ads for example.

Two more question if I may:

  • you told me I had to add my funnels in Funnelish first. I have added my Order form and my Thank you page for every funnels I have before to activate the Facebook app. However, I didn’t add my first page (Sales page). In order to receive values from my Sales page (bacically the number of people / their informations tracked by the pixel), do I need to add the Sales page before my Order form (on the top left in file attached, just before the “formulaire-de-vente…”?)
  • Or I don’t need to add my Sales page in Funnelish: all the informations of the three pages will be gathered by the Facebook app? So to gather the informations, USING Facebook, I will need to create a customised conversion for the Sales Page (to know the number of people who went to the page and see the content), another one for the Order form (to see how much people add a product to cart) and another one for the Thank You page (to track the people who bought my product(s)).

Is there any other way to have access to the informations from the pixel without creating a customised conversion?

Thanks a lot !! It’s a little bit unclear.


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Hi @PlaneteManeki,

It’s actually a good thing to add “ALL” pages you have to Funnelish, including pre-sale pages, or sales pages or optin ones or bridge pages…etc Because our Facebook Pixel app will try to gather all data possible, including the ViewContent or Leads :slight_smile: which will only make your Facebook audiences bigger and stronger…

Hmm, Access them in what way? you can create saved audience from a conversion event, Like a saved audience of people who visited your website and did an event like ViewContent or Lead that’s the only way to do it either way :wink:

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@yassine Ok, thank you very much for the clarification.

So it’s totally normal that the Facebook Pixel Helper doesn’t find any Pixel on my domain (ie because I deleted all the Facebook pixel code as @samlee told me.

The Funnelish Facebook app is gathering all statistics, is that correct? And the only way to gather the informations is to create a conversion event directly inside my Facebook Pixel admin panel.

Thank you!

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That is wrong, Yes, you should delete all other Facebook Pixel codes, but the Facebook Pixel Helper should be able to show your pixel if it’s not shown that means your App is not probably activated…

And NO, you don’t need to create any custom events, in fact, our app will just fire the usual events Facebook has ie. ViewContent, PageView, Lead, AddToCart, Purchase and CompleteRegistration.

Hope that helps :wink:

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@yassine thanks, I forgot to activate the app directly inside the Settings of each Funnels in Funnelish. (I only activated Facebook pixel app into the App folder previously).

Thanks a lot !

Ok then, now it seems that the code is duplicated. I already delete the Pixel code from every steps of my funnels in Clickfunnels tho. Any idea? please see file attached (sales page and order form). Furthermore, I don’t see the AddToCart event inside the Pixel helper for my Order form. Is that tracking this event?error-sales-page error-order-form

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Hmm that’s good to hear, as for that warning just ignore it, somehow when the Facebook Pixel is loaded delayed (to protect it from bad fake traffic) Facebook Pixel Helper shows that warning…

As for The AddToCart not being Fired, is Lead not fired too? and can you PM me the Order form and the OTO pages to check them out myself :wink:

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@yassine I sent you the Sales Page and Order form URL in private.

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Hello All,

I am just trying to use the Facebook pixel for my Funnel.

At first step, I have copied the code in head tracking code.
In second step, I have switched on the Facebook pixel app in app section and entered the Facebook Pixel in setting.

But still I m unable to view any pixel in my funnel with the help of Facebook pixel helper.

Please help me what step did I missed?

Thanks & Regards

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Hey Sam,

I have followed all of the steps and my Pixel isnt firing on any of my pages. I tried PMing you but the site wont allow me to unfortunately.

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Hello @spencer,

Can you tell me more? try to PM me again or share your page URLs publicly and allow us to check them out…

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It wont let me send you a PM. I have responded to your email with the links, etc.

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can someone help in here, i don t know how all works smooth for you , i did all you said and it triggered 50 + purchases when we had only 2 ! what is this ?

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WOW J Keitsu…you were the first Video I ever watched on drop shipping. What a legend. All The Way Up!

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Mine is only tracking the initial purchase, how do I get it track otos/subription offers?


I have activated the FB Pixel App and placed my pixel ID at the Funnel level but only the PageView & ViewContent events are firing for all my funnel steps.

My funnel looks like this:
2-Order Page
3-OTO 1
4- OTO 2
5- Downsale
6- Order Confirmation

What should I do to have it firing more events?