I am having multiple issues with the plugins (Especially Paypal v2)


(Christian Romeike) #1

Whenever I enable the v1 PayPal and nothing else, everything looks fine. When I enable Fancy Credit Card and Paypal v1, the date box is double and there is no preview ( I didn’t select do not show preview). When I enable Paypal v2, there are two credit card boxes (both don’t have any fields to enter info) and two PayPal selectors.

(Christian Romeike) #2

(Samantha Lee) #3

Ok @Christian_Romeike, lets take it step by step, the screenshots you added mean that you are enabling both PayPal v1 and V2 on the same funnel which makes that ugly looks there…

I highly recommend enabling v1 alone at least for the time being, till you understand the basics behind Funnelish Apps and how they all work :wink: It’s easy once you figure it out and will be happy to help you further if you can share or PM me your order form url…

(Christian Romeike) #4

No, I only had PayPal version 2 enabled when it showed multiple credit card boxes and paypal selectors

(Christian Romeike) #5

@samlee And not just that, the Facebook pixel app isnt working either.

(Samantha Lee) #6

Ok let’s take it one step at a time so we can solve your issues faster :slight_smile: shall we…

Just PM me your order form URL or share it publicly it’s okay, and then we take it from there… I’ll analyze your page and let you know what’s causing the issues and how to specifically fix them, as for now I am just shooting in the dark trying to guess what could’ve been wrong…

(Christian Romeike) #7

Hey, I just went through and double checked everything again. It appears to have been an issue where I didn’t enter a correct price in an order bump. I fixed the price and now PayPal v2 works fine. I still couldn’t get the fancy credit card thing to show the preview, but thats fine.