Issue with Funnelish an PayPal


I’m having an issue since a long time with Funnelish.
Basically, every time a customer pay a product via PayPal he doesn’t receive any email with the product.
The way I found around it is to set the thank you page on Funnelish as the link to download the product.
But it works only if the customer didn’t buy the order bump. In that case he still can download the main product but not the order bump.

I’ve setup everything correctly I guess. Web hooks, product ID and so on. But it doesn’t work…

Any clue what is wrong ?

Hi @ryan, I don’t think that’s possible from what i’ve seen before… Is Funnelish tracking your PayPal orders correctly? I mean can you see your PayPal orders under Funnel > Orders in Funnelish?

If the answer to that is no, then mostly there is an issue with your PayPal account which is something we can get around easily, by overriding the IPN settings in PayPal or by using Funnelish Pay instead of the PayPal plugin app.

But, in either case, I’d recommend that you reach out to us at [email protected] and provide your Skype ID or Facebook Url and one of us will reach out to you to book a call to look into your setup more carefully,

Hope that helps, do update me on how it goes or if anything else I can do to help :slight_smile: