Missing purchase and credit card input missing

(Misbah R.) #1

So I integrated paypal following Peter’s video. When I test my funnel, it works well with paypal the first time. When I test the second time, it gives me ‘Missing Purchase’ error and also, both times the credit card input is missing.Uploading…

(Youssef Hassan) #2

I have the same problem

(Misbah R.) #3

This is what I get. Please help!

(Youssef Hassan) #4

Exactly what i have the missing purshase error

(sin) #5

@misbah @youssef_hassan I believe the issue you are having is strictly related to your Stripe setup, what Credit Card gateway are you using to process payments?

(Misbah R.) #6


I am not using a stripe account. I am using paypal. That is why I have removed the CC element from my form. But still, sometimes my funnel works and sometimes it gives me the ‘missing purchase’ message.

When it works and I am able to purchase through paypal, my membership area is empty. I don’t know what the problem is.

here is my funnel url:

(Samantha Lee) #7

Yes we are very aware of that @misbah, The question is which gateway are you using to add your products to Clickfunnels side, because we believe it’s related to that not to your PayPal setup :slight_smile:

(Misbah R.) #8

Not sure if I got your question.:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I am using paypal v2, that’s the only option there in Clickfunnels.