Multiple Products + Order Bump = wrong selection in payPal

(florian) #1

Hello Guys,
I have the problem that the false quantity is transfered to paypal.

I choose 4x Yo-Yos + Order Bump , he displays in PayPal -> 2x Yo-Yos + Order Bump

Example 2:
I choose 6x Yo-Yos + Order Bump , he displays in PayPal -> 4x Yo-Yos + Order Bump

What did I wrong?

I´ve set the Order Bump in Apps.

(sin) #2

Hey @workflo,

I noticed in your Funnelish screenshot you got 5 products + one order bump, but in your order form you got only four products + order bump, so I assume your products are not sorted correctly, you should sort them correctly by their order number, first product in Clickfunnels must be first in Funnelish, same applies for all orders, Perhaps deleting the unneeded product from Funnelish would help?

Let me know how that goes

(florian) #3

the first product in funnelish is just the order bump product which is also selected as order bump. When i deleted this product how can be the order bump product be tracked?

(sin) #4

That’s not the product I meant, your order bump is fine, but I believe the order of your products is wrong, (other products other than the order bump itself)

(florian) #5

Thanks Yassine! You´re right! Now it works fine. Perfect Support!!!