My credit card field is missing from the page!

(Misho Filev) #1

I was doing some tests with PayPal v2 using test gateway, and my credit card form dissappeared completely!

Without the funnelish script it’s there, with it, it’s completely gone lolol

Would love to fix this asap. Thanks!

(Misho Filev) #2

Before the app loads some weird thing comes up (google pay I think it is) looks like this:

My cache is cleared I changed the page name.

(Misho Filev) #3

Also the smart address plugin isnt working either . Both of them stopped about 2-3 days ago. I tried with a new page but it still didn’t work. Thanks :slight_smile:

(Samantha Lee) #4

Hi @mfilev,

Upon a request from multiple users, we added the option to hide the Credit Card field to PayPal v2 as well. Now you may use PayPal alone if want to, but by default is not hidden :slight_smile: I guess you accidentally disabled it under Your Funnel > Settings > Apps where we have that option:

For the Smart Address app issue, we got couple reports of that already, some blaming it on the custom domain names we are not sure yet but we are checking it, it’s possibly a quota issue :wink: it will get fixed asap…

Hope the above fixes your first issue, let me know how it goes :slight_smile: and thank you for letting us know we really appreciate it :+1:

PS. we are actively working on the orderlytics integration right now hope we can bring it to live this weekend or by Monday can be rolled out :wink:

(Misho Filev) #5

@samlee I really wish it was that but it;s not :(.

I have the hide credit card option unchecked

(Samantha Lee) #6

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Send me the order form asap, I will help you fix it :slight_smile:

(Misho Filev) #7

Thanks so much! Just messaged you