New Funnelish Interface Buggy

(Strife) #1

Hey! I can’t create any new funnels in the new interface. Would greatly appreciate it if you guys deploy only when you tested out all the features. In addition, I think most of us prefer more features instead of the interface to just look better

(Strife) #2

The new homepage after logging in is also taking a long time to load. Loading speed is better than the graph that I find pretty pointless

(sin) #3

Good opinion @Strife, Actually it’s not an interface change but rather a full “rewrite” of Funnelish infrastructure, also strengthened the backend as well, now Funnelish should be 6+ times faster (even tho it wasn’t slow before). and I think you were using it during the update, as it was rolled out during the time you posted :stuck_out_tongue: as it’s the time of least activity on our platform…

Can you test again and let us know? and believe me we’ve changed a loooooot and our focus was on improving the overall User Experience and speed :slight_smile: Along a stronger base for newer features, of course with new code, features and bug fixes, come many new bugs and our team is fully open to all requests, and bug reports…

Are you still facing the slowdown?

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By the way, just adding we’ve done tones of testing and this update was scheduled back in December but it didn’t go through our testing phase and it got delayed till now, we have a second phase of the update that includes all the apps you see in Funnelish, and a 3rd update that includes some top secret new apps :smiley:

These updates weren’t going to happen without your input and the input of other valuable Funnelish users, and we do appreciate it very much :+1:

(Strife) #5

Thank you for your reply! Its great to know that you guys are putting in so much effort to improve this app. Currently, it takes a long time to load the overview page. It just hangs there with a white blank page. Going into each funnel is faster as compared to before but the overview page or the funnels page is very very slow. I am not sure if this is due to the amount of funnels I have or other issues. It was much faster in the past. I will update you again if I can create a funnel when I need to. Thank you for your response and I hope the slow loading of the overview page is resolved!

(Strife) #6

I managed to create a funnel now. The order tab within each funnel is also not working. Thanks!

(Samantha Lee) #7

Hey @Strife,

Thank you for the great feedback really helpful and very well detailed…

As far as the loading speed is concerned matter of fact we’ve rewrote the whole funnelish platform from the ground up using newer and advanced technology stack and it was proven to be at least 6x times faster than the previous version the same applies to our apps load speed on your pages and funnels as well…

As for the slowdown this early morning I believe it was temporary as we were doing the update during that time, you can confirm if you are still having the slowdown and we will be happy to look into that for you closely.

Can you detail this point please, maybe providing some screenshots will help as currently, it looks very smooth to me I could be missing something!

Thanks again for the feedback, your feedback is what allows us to progress further and have a better platform every day :hugs:

(Strife) #8

For the order tab within each funnel. No screenshot is required. When I click the button, it just didn’t work with everything staying the same. I also found that I can’t save a new Paypal gateway for Paypal v2. When I save it, it states its saved but remains empty after I refresh it.

(Strife) #9

Is there an option to use the older version while the bugs are being fixed?

(Samantha Lee) #10

Are you sure it’s not a local cache problem? As it seems working fine to me on multiple accounts… Can you email [email protected] and reference this thread and provide your account URL they’ll use that to check your account and verify it manually…

Unfortunately, there is not. Since this update is not backward compatible and we’ve already rolled out a beta which got verified for a couple of months already, the bugs you see do not affect the performance of the apps and they are usually caused by cache or DNS mess-ups.

(Strife) #12

Cleared the cache and its the same. Still can’t add the payment gateway for new funnels using Paypal v2. Still unable to load the order tab in funnels.

Something is wrong with the way its build? Everything is either very slow, didn’t work, gets stuck or super fast.

I will contact support to get it resolved but I think fundamentally, there is an issue with this new version. Sometimes, windows stayed open when I switch tabs too fast too. Its like it loads in the background and there are sometimes overlaps in my actions or something. I hope you guys can fix them asap. Thanks!

(Strife) #14

Here’s the error I see for Paypal v2 on checkout as it is unable to process.

Access to XMLHttpRequest at ‘’ from origin ‘…’ has been blocked by CORS policy: No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource.

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PayPal App v2 not shown on my order form
(Strife) #16

Are there any updates for Paypal v2?

(Samantha Lee) #17

Hello @Strife,

Yep the bug has been fixed, generally we found that the gateway selection worked fine, but after refreshing it’s not being shown on the dashboard the App itself didn’t get affected, though it’s fixed for now :slight_smile: Thank you for reporting the bug, and feel free to report any other issues you might encounter…

(Samantha Lee) #18

We are working around the clock to fix bugs, and introduce newer features, your feedback is really what helps us find them and get them fixed faster… though always core and apps updates take priority over esthetics ones :slight_smile:

(Strife) #19

Thank you! I noticed that it selected fine too but its no longer working on the order form. On the page, I get Access to XMLHttpRequest at ‘’ from origin ‘…’ has been blocked by CORS policy: No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource.

This is for Paypal v2 only