Notice from Paypal That IPN to Funnelish URL is failing

(Strife) #1

Hi! Paypal sent me an email regarding the IPN failing to one the funnelish api url. They say that IPN will be disabled if this continues. Can I check why is it failing? Do I have to setup anything to prevent it? Thanks!

(Art Smiley) #2

Please check to see if this has been resolved and notify me accordingly. Thank you

(Samantha Lee) #3

Thank you @Smiley for bringing this up to the top,

Actually, that’s probably some internal error that happens when a funnel is not deleted properly or setup properly, but it will not affect your sales or your IPN notifications going forward. that error notification should stop within couple of days, if it does not then do contact our support and we’ll look into your account to make sure all is setup properly.