Paypal button doesn't appear and nobody is answering my emails


I bought Funnelish on at the weekend. I followed all the steps to set everything up and looked at the support threads here but the option for paypal isn’t showing on my funnel. I have emailed several times and nobody is responding.

I didn’t open a support thread at first because when trying to log in, it told me my account didn’t exist. I didn’t know I would need to create a separate log in from the account I purchased funnelish with.

Please could someone get back to me as soon as possible.

Many thanks

Hello @megan94,

Are you sure you are sending emails to [email protected]? and can you send me a message here on the platform and will check your case as apparently we don’t have any pending tickets from you as far as I can see!

As for the issue you are having, I would be able to help if you can provide an order form URL that I can check,

Looking forward to assisting you @megan94

Hi @samlee,

Here is the conversation I have had with Yassine after posting in the facebook group to get you up to speed. The paypal button still isn’t working.

My post: Hi, please can someone help? I have followed the steps to connect funnelish and clickfunnels but the paypal button is not showing up on my funnel. The URL is []

There is also a page variation.

I have followed the below and all seem to be correct:

  1. Ensuring correct URL in funnelish

  2. Copied tracking code correctly (this is done in tag manager as I have had problem adding in other code above my tag manager code)

  3. I have turned on the paypal app on the overall setting and the funnel settings.

I have emailed several times over the last week and opened a ticket 2 days ago but no one has got back to me.

Yassine’s response: Oh sorry I wrote an answer and forgot to hit enter :man_facepalming:
The problem you have on that page is, you have the wrong tracking code, Just try to replace the old code in your Funnel > Settings with a new one, copy it from Funnelish funnel > tracking code, without altering it, that should fix the problem.
Do let me know how that goes, and very sorry to hear that your ticket was mishandled… If you can PM me your ticket email I can check it out for you,

My response: thanks for your reply! I had that code in originally and then changed it to the one in the setting of the individual funnel (instead of the code in the overall settings) to see if that would make it work. I’ve changed it back but it’s not made a difference. :frowning: There still isn’t a PayPal option on my page

Yassine’s response: I’ve just checked the page again and it’s still the same! are you sure you copied the code from Funnelish and save changes after you pasted it into Clickfunnels Funnel > Settings > Head tracking code?!

My response: Yes I’ve definitely changed it. The code is contained within tag manager though as I’ve problems with adding other code into the Head Tracking Code section with google tag manager there.

I then also posted a screenshot of the tracking code that is firing on my page.

Here is a screen shot of the tag that is firing on my page:

The URL is:

I have definitely emailed the correct email, twice on the 31st May, on the 1st June and on the 4th June.

Many thanks