PayPal funnel flow (in Funnelish) is working different than Stripe

hi - My funnel uses 2 upsell and 1 downsell.

So, the flow I have in Funnelish is:

Step-1: Checkout
Step-2: Upsell 1
Step-3: Upsell 2
Step-4: Downsell 1
Step-5: Confirmation

The flow I have in ClickFunnels which is working fine for Stripe:

Step-1: Checkout
Step-2: Upsell 1 (Goes to next upsell on YES cases and Downsell 1 on NO cases)
Step-3: Downsell 1 (I have set up force redirect on YES / NO cases to go to order confirmation)
Step-4: Upsell 2 (Goes to Order Confirmation in case of YES / NO)
Step-5: Confirmation

When my buyers say NO to upsell one, it takes them to Upsell 2, for PayPal products that are set up through Funnelish, while it should take them to Downsell 1. So, basically, the No links aren’t working the way they should.

Can someone look into this and help asap. Our funnel is live right now.