Paypal not appearing

(mark woeppel) #1

I’ve followed your instructions, but I can’t see the paypal option on my order page. I don’t see where to link it to my paypal account, so - in general - i’m stuck. is this the only way to get support?

(mark woeppel) #2

found the problem following the video on the fb page. Getting the page URL is not clearly explained in the documentation, since the URL doesn’t show in clickfunnels.

(sin) #3

Hi @mwoeppel ,

I’m going to take that feedback into account and work on improving the documentation :slight_smile:
Generally under /Apps, each App has a “How it works?” button
It will show you some useful steps to install & use the app correctly.

Hope that helps next time :wink: don’t hesitate to provide feedback or post any further questions you might have.