Paypal plugin not showing on 2 step order form


(Kelly Campbell) #1

Hi Team,

I have setup everything correctly, all the funnels, all the codings in clickfunnels, I am using a 2 step order form but still I can’t see the paypal option for some reason. I added all the product in as well as per Peter dru’s video.

Anything I am missing.

Order form:

(Samantha Lee) #2

Hello @bellaandbear,

I just went in and checked your order form, it seems to have the PayPal option:

Is it fixed already?

(Anthony) #3

I have a similar issue. I am not sure why it will not show on my funnel as well.

Could you all help me as well?

Thank you

(Samantha Lee) #4

Hey @donnayanthony,

I guess the problem is that you have given Funnelish the wrong step URL, your actual step URL is: but instead maybe you gave it the URL shown in your Clickfunnels funnel… Can you please double check your url and make sure it matches the one shown on your browser when you visit the page?

(Anthony) #5

You were right I gave the wrong step uthank you for that.
But not it wont allow me to go go from the website to paypal.

Im using the Paypal App V2 on the funnel.

(Anthony) #6

I just got it to work. Thank you

(Anthony) #7

@samanthalee How did you find that step url? I am trying to duplicate the process for my other funnels.

(Juan) #8

Hi, I’m also having an issue where it is not showing up for my site. I followed the step on Peter’s video