PayPal - thankyou page configuration?

(Kieran) #1


Trying to clarify how the app works exactly…

I’m using PayPal V1 as far as I know… whatever is the default in Funnelish, I don’t seem to remember choosing anything otherwise.

Before funnelish, when someone pays via Clickfunnels in stripe they get the custom thankyou page for that particular product with their receipt customised on the page etc.

Now I’ve added Funnelish, I’m confused about the thank you page. If I set a thank you page in funnelish, is that JUST for people who pay with PayPal, and people who use the credit card act normally in ClickFunnels just like before I installed Funnelish and have their own unique receipt pages like they did before?

One more thing - when someone makes a payment via PayPal, will that actually show in ClickFunnels as an order? (I have set up the 3rd party product part, but it’s not clear if that’s just to give them access to ClickFunnels memberships, or it actually will add them as a real order inside of ClickFunnels?)

If it does not show in ClickFunnels as an order… Is there a Zapier integration I can use to send them to my members site (Podia)? Currently, I have a Zap set up for anyone who has a successful order in ClickFunnels (default stripe setup) to be zapped into my Podia members site. Is this possible with PayPal via Funnelish too?

EDIT: One more thing, if I leave the credit card fields blank but press submit, instead of the fields turning red like it does on some other integrations I’ve seen, the button just changes to “Submitting…” but freezes. How do I enable validation or fix this?

Btw, worst support docs I’ve ever seen haha, you would think you guys would spend some real time putting some in-depth docs together… is there a real support email even?