PayPal Transaction Attempt Log?

(Mike) #1

Is there a way to see a lot of all attempted PayPal transactions? We see some failed orders in Clickfunnels that don’t show in Stripe, so we assume they are PayPal declines - that we’d like to confirm.

(sin) #2

hmm… Paypal isn’t stripe :slight_smile:

They don’t work the same, for me personally, usually when a customer tries to purchase using Stripe and it fails they fall back to Paypal, which virtually never fails.

That’s mostly Stripe failed orders, not Paypal. Since Clickfunnels only tracks succeeded Paypal orders, and has no way to know if a Paypal order failed or not.

On the other hand, What’s really a failed Paypal order?!! :o Did the customer fail to login to their account! maybe they forgot their password?! That’s untrackable.

The only thing that can really be tracked within Paypal is, whether a subscription payment failed to be processed, and for that Paypal will always notify you via email, or when a payment is disputed which does the same as well.