Paypal v2.0 not working


([email protected]) #1

We have successfully created a personal sandbox account and business sandbox account. unfortunately, we don’t see the sandbox accounts on funnelish.

  1. Under your Funnelish Funnel > Settings > Apps .
  2. Click/Open PayPal App v2 .
  3. Open Your PayPal Gateway dropdown ( this option is actually empty on our dashboard, there is no option … just totally blank.

([email protected]) #2 someone please check our funnel, paypalv2 is still not working even after successfuly creating help…argggh

(Mohamed Alaoui) #3

I’m having the same issue, once i choose Paypal i click submit but nothing happens i don’t know what is the problem @samlee

(sin) #4

@PRINCE, @MeDOx3 Please avoid using PayPal v2 and use PayPal Plugin instead, it’s easier to setup and has no limitations, v2 is currently limited to very specific use cases.