Paypal V2 Not Showing Purchased Items on Order Confirmation Page

(Andrew Goodman) #1

I set up the Paypal V2 plugin and when getting to the order confirmation page it shows the text Dynamically Updated and the price of XX.00 instead of the items I purchased. My access purchase link also doesn’t work. Is there a fix for this?

(Andrew Goodman) #2

Anyone have any ideas? I bought this product last week and because of this I can’t even use it. It doesn’t seem like there is any proper documentation and no support besides this forum. So I am stuck unless someone knows a way to fix this.

(Samantha Lee) #3

Hey Andrew,

Actually For PayPal Purchases you cannot use “Order Confirmation” Element on your Thank You Pages, as it won’t get updated by Clickfunnels…


There are couple workaround though:

  1. For PayPal Purchases (ie. For Funnelish) use a different Thank you page, and you may keep the Order Confirmation one for Credit Card purchases, Your users won’t need it anyways, as they confirm anything they buy through PayPal before and after buying it.

  2. Or, Simply remove the Order Confirmation Element from your TYP, that will remove it for both Credit Card and PayPal as well…

Hope that helps, and sorry for the late reply…

By the way, you may also reach-out to our support email if needed…

(Andrew Goodman) #4

Thanks for that info @samlee I set up a different thank you page for PayPal purchases but I don’t see any way to have the Stripe purchases going to the order confirmation page and the PayPal purchases to go to the separate thank you page. Do you know where I can set this up? Thanks, Drew

(Samantha Lee) #5

It’s very easy @primalmarketing, simply add the new page you made to Funnelish (replace the old Thank you page on it) and that’s it. You do not need to change anything in Clickfunnels.

As that way, Funnelish will only see the new PayPal Thank you page, while Clickfunnels sees the previous Thank you page first and ignores the second one…

(Andrew Goodman) #6

Hey @samlee I changed the thank you page in funnelish but when I tested, it still went to the order confirmation page. This is how it’s setup. Is there anything else that should be changed?

(Andrew Goodman) #7

@samlee any suggestions? I emailed support also but I haven’t gotten any response.

(Frank) #8

I am experiencing the same thing. Replaced my thank you page on funnelish but paypal purchases are still being directed to original thank you page in CF.

(Samantha Lee) #9

Can you please share the image using the upload button

Because currently, I can’t see the image you sent :slight_smile:

(Samantha Lee) #10

Can you share a screenshot of your setup Frank?

(Andrew Goodman) #11

Hey @samlee that’s how I uploaded it last time. I don’t know any other way to upload it. Here it is again. If you click the image it will get bigger to see it better.

(Andrew Goodman) #12

Hey @samlee is looks like both my images aren’t loading now. Did you get a chance to view them before they disappeared? I can upload it again or send it to you directly.

I still haven’t gotten any response from support. So I am still stuck. It’s been over two weeks of having this product and not being able to do anything with it.

(Andrew Goodman) #13

Support never replied to my email. I am not getting any solution from the form. It’s been almost a month and this still isn’t working. I tried to add programable to my page and that didn’t work either. Can I get a refund for this product. It’s been a waste of time and money for me.

(Mark) #14

Hey @samlee - I am having the same issue. I added another confirmation page in click funnels that doesnt have the order total. I deleted the old link in funnelish and i added the link to the new page, but it is still showing the old page. Any advice?