PayPal V2 - OTO

(Huu) #1


I m just curious, How does it work with PayPal V2 - OTO. Let’s a customer fill out the order form and got forward to OTO-Page. Here they have only 1-Click-Upsell-Button.

How does PayPal V2 works here?

And again, why dont you have an instruction for us. And please stop tell me that, you are focusing on do software better. WE NEED AN INSTRUCTION!!!


(Samantha Lee) #2

Hey @Huu,

Can you please reword your question, I don’t understand, The V2 works same way as V1 when it comes to Upsells. and your customers won’t have to relogin to pay, but they have to approve the payment in a secure PayPal page.

(Huu) #3

Hi Samlee,

What I mean, it’s when the customers pay via paypal before. And now they are on OTO. Here i have only one button (1-click-upsell with stripe). what is happend when the customers, who pay via PayPal before, when they click on this button. And I also when to know, what happend when the customers pay credit card (stripe) before?