Plugin: Clickfunnels to Klaviyo Integration


(sin) #23

hmm… that’s probably from the OLD plugin :slight_smile: it got updated so you don’t really need an API key at all.

The Api Key is not needed anymore :slight_smile: but instead the LIST ID is still required.

That’s exactly what it means :slight_smile: the plugin above needs almost ZERO coding, and the inputs I mentioned were the Clickfunnels Inputs you want, as you said only need First Name and email, then add those that’s it… but DO NOT change the CODE at all (you don’t need to)…

The code plugin, above should be working for all cases… no matter how many basic input fields you might have…

PS. the code plugin above DOES NOT support custom fields, since klaviyo itself has a weird way of handling those… but I’m open to suggestions on that aspect.

(Meghan Dicklin) #24

Thanks so much Yassine! I did get it working. One last question, will the plugin handle directing a user to a new URL so they can be taken to the thank you page in a funnel?

(sin) #25

hmm… It won’t interfere with the existing flow you have on Clickfunnels :slight_smile:

As long as your funnel is flowing correctly before adding the plugin, afterwards it won’t be affected :slight_smile:

(Edy Chandra) #26

Hi yassine,

Inside the var LIST ID =“your list id”; You will put Klaviyo Public API key right?

Because I notice they don’t have list id, only API Key

(isoft) #27

NO! that should be the List ID from Klaviyo (usually something like KB45Sd4…etc).

And you do not need any API key… only the list id.

(Edy Chandra) #28

My bad… I just found it. It is in List&Segments => Setting Thanks! :slight_smile:

(bhatt) #29

try the following code for the email id and name only.
Copy the code and paste it in setting ->tracking code->header code.


var LIST_ID = “your list id”;
var API_KEY = ‘your api key’;

function send_to_klaviyo() {
var email="", fname="";

var emailbox = document.getElementsByName(“email”)[0];
if (emailbox == null)
return; // no email :o
email = emailbox.value;

var fnamebox = document.getElementsByName(“first_name”)[0];
if (fnamebox != null)
fname = fnamebox.value;

var properties = {
“email”: email,
“$first_name”: fname


console.log(“subscription success…!”);

window.addEventListener(“load”, function() {
var divs = document.getElementsByTagName(“div”);
for (i = 0; i < divs.length; i++)
var div = divs[i];
if (div.getAttribute(“data-title”) == “optin button” || div.getAttribute(“data-de-type”) == “button”) {
div.onclick = function() {
// Send the lead to Klaviyo



hi yassine! i have 49 optins but only 7 people on my list… i am going to pm you web address!

(sin) #31

Ok will check that and reply asap, though is there anything common in those contacts that can help? or perhaps are you using this plugin or using our internal syncing from within automations… any details would help a lot.


Sorry I am not sure what any of that means… did not receive a message
In the header of my opt-in page the code is:

<script async src=""></script>

deleted the < and > to have it show in this message

the first 7 opt ins worked. the next 41 did not.
0 worked on 6/8/18.
2 opt ins worked in the past 2 hours havent changed a thing.

(sin) #33

do you have any log from your Klaviyo account or any details that might help?

(Nicholas Ellis) #34

I have a problem and I think this thread is a great place to start.

I’m able to add people to my Klaviyo list BUT I want to be able to see the data of their purchases. For example if I send an abandoned cart email from Klaviyo to a CF landing page and the subscriber buys something.

Do you have suggestions/ideas on how to accomplish this? Is it possible?

(Samantha Lee) #35

Not sure if that’s possible without a platform!

Since adding purchase tracking in public javascript can be inaccurate or manipulated.

Though I’d assume that perhaps you should try tagging no? wouldn’t tagging a customer if they bought work for you? and then use that tag to launch any automations?

(Nicholas Ellis) #36

In theory that’d only trigger the automation though, correct?

What if I want the data for if they bought a product for $X ? That way I can attribute the purchase to the abandoned cart email.

Do you know of any platforms that would do this?

(Samantha Lee) #37

Just use different Lists with tagging @Nicholas_Ellis,

Bought product X add them to list of Buyers_X, bought Product Y, add them to another list, if only opted in add them to List of optins and follow up with them to buy X or Y. That’s how it should be normally.

You don’t need a platform, or to complicate things, I think your case is pretty simple, you can do all you side from within Klaviyo, after all that’s what you pay that Klaviyo monthly fee for. to have strong automations.

You can launch automations based on which list it is.

(Kyle Canton) #38

this does not seem to work anymore. I pasted the list id code snippet and the script itself in the head of my order form but nothing happens in Klaviyo.

(Samantha Lee) #39

Can you share a page where you are using it, and we can check it…

(Constantin) #40

I’m the posted above, just couldn’t recover my account. here’s an integrated funnel that is not showing any subscribers on the Klaviyo list when the form is completed.

(hunter) #41

How do I add tags? For people who purchased vs. people who did not?

(hunter) #42

Same here. :frowning: