Plugin: Free Clickfunnels Country Autoselector


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#What is “Clickfunnels Country Auto selector”?
This plugin auto selects a country of your choice and hides it from your end users. By setting a default value to your Clickfunnels Country input box in your order form. thus; improving your order form conversion rate a bit.

#How To Install It In Your Clickfunnels Account?
You may install this plugin two ways:

  • Hosted Solution (Recommended)
    Using this option would be the best for you, Since it’s free :stuck_out_tongue: and our community members contribute to improving this plugin and keeping it up to date with latest standards, alongside keeping it compatible with latest Clickfunnels changes, So really this option is highly recommended (all the codes are hosted by our community, and it’s super optimized for fast delivery).
  1. Open your Order Form funnel step
    clickfunnels order form funnel step

  2. Edit your Page

    clickfunnels SETTINGS > TRACKING CODE menu

  4. Add this script to your HEADER CODE as is
    <script async src=""></script>
    Please don’t change the code above, it should appear on your page like this:

  5. Add an Input Box for Country on your Order Form, If you haven’t already
    CF country order form box

Don’t forget to set the Input Type to Shipping Country or Country depending on your use.

  1. You may add this snippet underneath the line you added in step #4
    <script> var COUNTRY_CODE = "US"; var HIDE_COUNTRY_BOX = true; </script>
    Replace “US” with your targeted default country, (e.g. “UK”, “AU”, “Germany”…Etc), and in case you want to let the option for users to change the targeted country you may replace the true value above to false. That way the plugin will let users change the default value.

P.S. Unless you need to change the default options above, you won’t need to add that snippet above at all (though it won’t hurt).

  1. Hit save and enjoy the increase in your conversion rates :slight_smile:

When using the hosted option, our community of certified developers will make sure to keep the source codes up to date since it’s being used by many funnel builders from all around the world.

  • Own Hosted File (Advanced)
    This option is advanced and doesn’t add any value compared to the hosted one. Unless you don’t really trust using our open source community hosted option I won’t recommend it. Anyways let’s go for it:
  1. Follow the steps from 1 to 3 on the Hosted Solution steps above.

  2. Copy all file content from the file at to your HEADER CODE area

3. Follow steps from 5 to 7 on the Hosted Solution steps above.


Limit country of shipping
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(Samantha Lee) #4

A really nice plugin does the job correctly and doesn’t affect my order form load time. In fact, it increased the conversion rate a bit and decreased the error rate on our order form as well. Most people used to write inconsistent answers on the order form (e.g. “US”, “USA”, “united states”, “America”…etc)

(Glen Parker) #5

Simple solution, thanks so much - exactly what I needed for a physical (big!) product funnel. Cheers!

(Glen Parker) #6

Actually - doesn’t seem to work with the updated address module in CF :frowning:
I’m guessing it’s an easy fix but my hacking didn’t get it to work :slight_smile: